Typical Spanish foods for breakfast

If you visit Spain, you can enjoy gastronomy since the first thing in the morning.

Pincho de Tortilla

In Spain Tortilla doesn’t mean the same than in Mexico or the USA, in Spain a Tortilla is an Omelette. And it usually refers to the Spanish potato omelette.

An Spanish Tortilla is a typical dish that we eat all day long, and in the morning we eat this on bars with some bread and we call it ‘pincho de tortilla’.

Spanish omelette with bread for breakfast
Pincho de Tortilla

Toasts with tomato and jamon

Toast with some olive oil, mashed tomato and thin slices of jamon on the top.

Breakfast with toasts, orange juice and coffee
Toasts with jamon

Churros and hot chocolate

Churros are pastries, somehow similar to a doughnut. Also fried but more crunchy and less sweet.

We deep it in hot chocolate or cafe.

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Hot chocolate and churros for breakfast
Churros in Spain are usually served with hot chocolate

Sandwich Mixto

In Spain there are many types of bread, and the square one that you cut into slices is not very common, on a daily basis we eat other breads that are similar to the French baguette. Whenever we eat the “square slices” we use the English word “Sandwich”.

And a very typical breakfast is a Sandwich Mixto, a grilled sandwich with butter, ham and cheese.

Grilled Croissants

Pastries is a very common breakfast as well, and specially croissants. If you go to a bar to have breakfast, you can order it grilled, with butter and marmalade or with cheese and ham.

Grilled croissant with ham and cheese

Breakfast that are the same than the USA

Some things are the same almost everywhere in the western world. So if you visit Spain you can also find

  • Cereals or muesli: Exactly the same as in the USA, we eat them with milk on a bowl.
  • Toasts with butter and marmalade: Usually in a ‘baguete’ type of bread.
  • Eggs and Bacon: Not as common as all the previous breakfasts, but you can also find it in some bars, and of course in every hotel buffet.

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