Trujillo panoramic view
Panoramic view from the Castle

Trujillo is a small town in Extremadura (western Spain).  Extremadura has much less tourism than other parts of Spain, is certainly out of the beaten path and an authentic Spanish landscape. Is a very interesting stop if you are travelling to Cáceres or Mérida.

Trujillo’s Castle

Walls of the islamic castle in Trujillo
Islamic castle

On top of a hill Trujillo has its castle, built by the muslims in the 9th-10th century. Today it has impresive panoramic views of the farming landscape.

Reconquista Palace

Palacio Marqueses de la Conquista in TRujillo
Reconquista Palace

Palacio de la Conquista is a renaissance palace located in the main square.

Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor in Trujillo
Plaza Mayor in Trujillo

Many towns in Spain have a “Plaza Mayor”, the main square where the market used to take place, it was also a place for the city hall, the festivities, the jail and the bullfigtings. Trujillo isn’t an exception, and it’s very well preserve from the middle ages.

Alfiler Tower

Alfiler Tower in Trujilllo
Alfiler Tower

The Alfiler Tower is easy to recognise. “Alfiler” means “pin” in Spanish, and it almost always have a stork nest on his top

Toro de Osborne

Orborne Bulls in Spanish roads
Toro de Osborne

Is Spanish roads you can find this silhouettes of bulls, it is publicity for a wine brand called “Osborne”.

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